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Betty Bakes Heavenly Cakes

Less of the moaning and time for some positive posting – in the form of a GF cake review. Betty Bakes is a small business, selling hand-made cakes, made by a lady in Hertfordshire, check her out at – , and follow on Twitter @BettyBakes .

Let’s take a look at the beauties.

5 delightful cakes for me to try

As you can see from the picture, they are a substantial size. There’s no messing with Betty, if you want a serious cake hit then you are getting one with these. From the look of “Betty” on the website, although she looks flirty and fun, I reckon if you didn’t eat the whole cake in one sitting she would be pretty stern with you. This is no childsplay.

First up – Midnight Mint. That’s the one on the bottom row on the left. Here it is (below) out of it’s packaging. Note the detail of edible green glitter on the top of the chocolate. Also note my pjs with stars on them.

 Appearance -  9/10 – Rich looking moist brownie base, contrasted with white mint cream filling topped with a thick slab of dark chocolate with green glittery decoration.

 Taste – 9/10 – The chocolate and mint balance was perfect for me. I am a sucker for a mint chocolate treat though. My boyfriend (whom I agonizingly handed over half of this to) said more of a mint flavour was needed and the chocolate overpowered it.

 Quantity – 10/10 – On all of these it’s going to be 10/10. The flavours are so intense and rich that you can easily share one of these with someone and still feel like you’ve had a satisfying amount of cake.

 Quality - 9/10 -  The brownie base was surprisingly moist for GF. Felt thick spongy and freshly baked. There’s also no skimping on the chocolate with a thick slab of dark chocolate resting on top.

 Eton Mess

Appearance – 10/10 – This one is the most inviting of all. Summery themed with the white chocolate and berry swirls on top. It conjures up what is quintessentially english – strawberries and eton. As you can see from this side on photo, it is quite a beast too!

 Taste – 7/10 – The fruit flavours were really strong but unfortunately I found it a little bit too sweet. I think this was the mixture of the white chocolate, berries and shortbread base. There was a lot of sugar side by side and I did need a few swigs of tea to help wash this down. It was lovely but I wouldn’t of been able to eat a whole one to myself.

 Quantity – 10/10 – Once again can’t fault the size.

 Quality – 9/10 – It is obvious to anyone who buys these that the cakes are made with painstaking attention to detail. They are like little works of art in themselves. They are not just a bunch of ingredients thrown together but all have particular themes, they look beautiful and are all very well made. Considering mine were GF then these really are amazing cakes. My boyfriend could not tell they were GF cakes and that really is testament to the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the baker.

Lemon Meringue

 Appearance – 10/10. This one I was particularly excited about as lemon meringue is what my nana always made for special occasions and is one of my favourite desserts.

 Taste – 7/10 – Unfortunately, both me and my bf thought it was difficult to translate a meringue into a cake bar. It meant that a mixture of meringue pieces, white chocolate, lemon curd and shortbread crumbled together and became a bit sickly. The crumbly aspect of it was probably because it was gluten free though (the flour doesn’t hold cakes together as well). The taste was lovely but after a few bits I had to get the tea out again. May have benefited from the lemon curd being more sour in taste?

 Quantity – 10/10 – Another huge portion. This picture shows it cut in a quarter piece.

 Quality – 8/10 – This is the only one where you may suspect it was a gluten free cake. Just because of the sweetness and crumbly nature. If you have a sweet tooth this one is right up your street though.

Tiffin Cake – picture stolen off Heavenly Cakes website as i forgot to get one (oops!)

 Appearance – 8/10 – Looks wise,  this one doesn’t have as much “wow factor” as the others but Tiffin usually doesn’t. It looks a bit cobbled together but that is the nature of the ingredients. Maybe something on top of it, like a thin layer of white chocolate could add some finesse.

 Taste – 10/10 - I LOVED this cake. It was really rich, great quality chocolate, chunky biscuit bits and I think some toffee/caramel bits were in there too. Perfect.

 Quantity – 10/10- For this cake and the following one (Billionaire’s Brownie), I took them round to a friends and me, my bf, my friend and her husband cut the cakes into 4 pieces and all tested them. We only had a quarter each of the two cakes  and we all agreed we felt satisfied – which indicates just how large the cakes are but also how rich and satisfying they were also. 

 Quality – 10/10 – The consensus was that this was a high end, great quality cake and it was impossible to tell it was gluten free.

Billionaire’s Brownie – once again a stolen pic…

 Appearance – 9/10 – This one makes the mouth drool. And quite rightly so, it’s her award winner. The caramel looks like it will melt in the mouth and the chocolate buttons on top add some fun.

 Taste – 10/10 – This was the groups favourite. Nobody had anything negative to say… infact nobody had anything to say, we just sat there chomping away with smiles on our faces.

 Quantity – 10/10 – Mammoth, but this is what we have come to expect!

 Quality – 10/10 – Not too sweet, just rich enough, perfect chocolate hit. Can see why this is a firm favourite :)


Please ignore the messy crumbs all over this picture below and instead took a look at the gorgeous packaging. What stands out for me about Heavenly Cakes is the   attention to detail. A lot of love has gone into these cakes, they are cakes made for and made by a real food lover and they’re not for people who just   mindlessly wolf down a brownie whilst watching telly. These are the kind of cakes where you get snuggly on the sofa with a cup of tea and your favourite person, telly off and just sit down, savour and enjoy. Good, simple, old fashioned indulgence.

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    soya flour is used & for many of us, that is also a no no as it gives us the same reaction as gluten, so sadly another make crossed off the list :(

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